Making of A Glacier’s Requiem, Video

Julia Calfee’s Vision of Global Warming

“Julia Calfee heard the sound of the tons of melting water stored in the ice. She experienced the loudly and irrevocably dwindling glacier with ears and eyes. The photographs show the spellbinding geometries created by nature, when temperatures make serious inroads on ice and snow.”
Peter Schneider, Zurich

A Glacier’s Requiem
Kehrer Verlag, 2016

“A Glacier’s Requiem, exquisitely designed and presented, is both a visual and audio monument to the ice giants of this world.”

Contributions by: Yang Lian, Peter Schneider, Edu Haubensak, Daniel Haefliger, Morris Wolf, Justus Oehler, and Christoph Grote-Beverborg.
Designed by Pentagram Berlin: Justus Oehler
30,5 x 31 CM, 112 Pages, 32 Black and White large format Photographs 30 x 60 cm – English – ISBN 978-3-86828-737-0
12” Vinyl Record, 180g, 45 RPM, Stereo

Multimedia artist Julia Calfee dedicated months living underneath the Länta glacier, Switzerland, at 2,100 meters above sea level in rudimentary conditions to understand and preserve as an archive the images and sounds of the melting glaciers which she could touch as they disappeared before her eyes. The result of these months of work was over 300 audio recordings and thousands of black and white photographs. The final selection of images transcends the subject to portray, in an abstract manner, the elements of this constantly changing nature. Equally powerful are her audio recordings which she edited, sequenced, and presents in the form of a vinyl record.

The vinyl record is a symphony composed, sequenced and edited by the artist from her audio recordings of the melting glacier, 2008 to 2011, and is presented in a special slipcase with the “A Glacier’s Requiem” book as part of the same project.

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