A Last Migration Preview

This is a 15 minute preview of the feature film "A Last Migration".

One of my deepest desires was to understand shamans. Finally I received an invitation from a woman shaman and reindeer herder to be her companion with her family on a last migration over the mountains of Mongolia and Siberia. I accepted this invitation and for many weeks I lived with them as if they were my own brothers and sisters. I realized they lived in the footsteps of the reindeer. Each winter, only because the reindeer love to mate in the highest mountains, they risk their lives to bring them to the summits, where the clouds still linger. Everyday I was astonished by their profound respect for the surrounding nature. When morning came and the tepee was dismantled, the snow would be swept impeccably and every sign of our camp eradicated, all this in the middle of nowhere. This triangular understanding between a small family, their reindeer and the wilderness which encompassed them, was the greatest lesson for me during this migration.

The film is still a 'work in progress', so feedback, suggestions and/or collaboration for the production are very welcome.

If interested, you can contact the artist directly at info@juliacalfee.com